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Ever Wondered What ‘Final Destination’ Would Look Like in Real Life?

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You know that awful feeling you get when you see a baseball flying through the air, and suddenly you just know, just know, that it is going to hit you right in the face?

Here’s that, but times one million:

Be careful out there on the road peoples! Driver survived with just a scratch on the arm #lucky

Posted by San Jose Fire Fighters on Friday, December 11, 2015

That absolutely metal hood ornament is a steel beam that was being transported via truck southward on Interstate 280 in San Jose, California, when it somehow became detached and flew off. It rapidly came to its final resting place through the front of the car behind the truck, smashing directly through the car’s windshield, resulting in the following injuries, according to firefighters:

The car’s driver received a scratch.

That’s it.

“Had the person been a little more to the right, it would have impaled him,” San Jose Fire spokesman Cpt. Christopher Salcido said. “It looks like he not so much dodged a bullet, but dodged a large beam of metal.”

According to Salcido, the driver then simply pulled over.

Honestly, we imagine the firefighters’ reactions when they pulled up to the scene and saw the huge chunk of metal impaling the vehicle must have been grave, knowing that there are some things that you can’t just stitch up, and “giant sheets of metal from the sky” generally fall into this category.

Which would have made it real funny when the driver just (again, we imagine), just kind of went, “Hey, so, can you give me a band-aid for this scratch?

News Source: SF Gate, NY Post