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Experts: Singing in the Car is Good for Your Health (No Matter How Off-Key You Are)

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2017 Ford Fiesta caraoke sing-along

We’ve all been there: driving around at night on the way to some destination for another, scanning through the radio stations. Ultimately, you land on something catchy and familiar—maybe it’s a song from Queen or Beyonce or Madonna or Gaga or, I dunno, Tom Waits. Whatever it is, it’s way outside of your range. But you realize that you, like Gary Numan, are there in your car where you feel safest of all and can lock all your doors because it’s the only way to live, so you just let loose with an off-key yet oh-so-perfect rendition of whatever tune has wriggled its way through your ear and into your heart.

Like I said, we’ve all been there.

Ford knows this, and being that Ford really loves studies and surveys, it’s citing research that singing in the car actually has distinct health benefits as a means to tout the radness of the B&O PLAY Sound System being offered in its new Fiesta.

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“Singing loudly and free from inhibitions—really ‘letting go’—means the mental release will be greater as more energy is put into it,” said Professor Stephen Clift of Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK. “Especially when we sing familiar songs loudly, we experience a ‘feel-good factor’ arising from deeper, slower breathing, and increased muscular activity. We feel less stressed and more relaxed.”

“For many people listening to the music they love on the move is a fundamental part of every journey— it is the soundtrack to their own personal road movie” said Jan Schroll, supervisor Multi‑Media and Connectivity, Ford of Europe. “B&O PLAY for all-new Fiesta will bring the best possible sound quality to our customers—whatever their taste in music.”

The best possible sound quality. So, you know, if you wind up with a Ford that features a B&O PLAY sound system, you’ll have no excuse not to sing along as loud as possible—if worse comes to worse, you can totally drown out the sound of your own voice trying to growl its way through “Goin’ Out West.” It’s for your health!

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