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Fact or Fiction? The “Fantasy” Columbus Public Transit Map

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It’s common knowledge that Columbus, Ohio lacks a passenger rail system. Though, that didn’t stop many people from latching onto Michael Tyznik’s fantasy public transit map recently posted on Reddit. The post garnered more than 600 upvotes and 200 comments. The map has also gleaned 320 retweets and 1,200 likes when someone posted a photo of it on Twitter.

Despite the hubbub the map has stirred, Tyznik never intended to submit it to the city. He simply wanted it to help push the public one step closer to promoting better public transportation in Columbus. As he shared with The Columbus Dispatch, “The system I created isn’t the right system for Columbus, necessarily. For me, it really is about the graphic design, but I do think it’s cool that it gets people excited about transit.”

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Although the map wasn’t a legit design submitted to the city, the interest it has aroused could help bring the city closer to transportation improvements. Columbus is already taking strides to adopting more high-tech transportation methods. For one thing, it recently broke ground on Ohio’s SMARTCenter, which is currently the largest self-driving vehicle test track in the world. It has also started testing connected vehicle environments in various spots throughout the city, to help boost traffic flow and increase safety.

We anticipate more news on Columbus’ transportation projects and improvements in the days ahead.

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