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Family Saves Piglet from Side of Road During Snowstorm

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pig rescued from roadside in maryland

Wee Wee the piglet was rescued from the frozen roadside by a family in Maryland

A poor little piggy was stranded on the side of a road after he fell out of transport truck on the way to auction in Maryland recently. Given the freezing conditions, the piglet would have surely frozen to death if left alone outside in the cold. Luckily, a family from Chevy Chase, Maryland, who were on their way to a ski resort in Pennsylvania, spotted the piglet as they drove to their hotel to wait out the storm.

At first, the Smith family wasn’t sure what kind of creature was stranded on the side of the road. However, they decided to pull their car over to investigate, and found out that it was a tiny pig. Twelve-year-old Catherine Smith wrapped the piglet up in her sweatshirt, and the family snuck him up to their hotel room, where he was eventually able to warm back up. The next morning, he was happily enjoying munching on bananas and sipping water.

The Smith family named the piglet Wee Wee, and took him back to their home in Chevy Chase. They contacted the Poplar Spring animal sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland, who agreed to take in Wee Wee once the snow has cleared and they can transport him there safely.

This story is a good reminder to be on the lookout for stranded animals during the coldest months of the season. Whether it’s a piglet, a dog, or a cat, animals can easily freeze to death if left alone outside in the cold, so it’s important to pull over if possible and rescue any helpless animals this winter.

News Source: WJLA