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FCA Canada Employees Donate Over $1 Million to Windsor-Essex United Way

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fca canada donation united way windsor-essex
Photo: FCA Canada

Late last week, FCA Canada announced that its employees and retirees would donate more than $1 million to United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County 2020. In total, the donation will be a whopping $1,167,535. That generous donation makes 2019 the 34th year in a row that FCA Canada employees and retirees have contributed over the $1 million mark to this campaign.

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“FCA Canada employees and retirees have consistently demonstrated their unwavering support and commitment to the United Way of Windsor/Essex,” said Reid Bigland, President and CEO, FCA Canada. “Over the last 72 years, our employees have contributed over $67 million dollars toward this annual campaign. I am incredibly proud to be leading a team of such generous and caring people, and want to thank each and every one of them for their ongoing support.”

The Ontario organization helps underprivileged children get the start they need in life to be successful through a strategy called Cradle to Career. The Windsor-Essex region has the highest childhood poverty rate in Canada. All funds donated stay within the Windsor-Essex region to help improve and strengthen local communities. The organization’s long-term vision is to create a prosperous community where young residents can reach their full potential rather than being held back in life because they were born into poverty.

The types of services provided by United Way include mentoring, tutoring, and after-school programs for children in grades 9-12. According to the organization’s website, children involved in the after school programs saw improved grades by 43 percent on average.

“FCA’s generosity powers United Way’s work in our community,” says Lorraine Goddard, CEO at United Way. “Their unwavering annual support allows us to tackle persistent, #UNIGNORABLE issues that prevent families from getting ahead, and help them to build resilience and lead healthier lives.”

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