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Fire Ravages 26 Buses in Washington, School Promises to Carry on Regardless

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Firefighters scrambled to a bus repair facility in Puyallup (pronounced Pew-allup), Washington, to battle a 2-alarm fire which consumed or damaged 26 brand-new school buses.

The fire sent up massive plumes of black smoke, and prompted police to evacuate everyone on nearby streets. Even so, the column was visible for miles, and nearby houses were intermittently rocked by the sound of explosions coming from the fire, presumably due to bus tires exploding.

Thankfully, although there were 70 people in the facility, all were able to get out in time and without injury. This is especially miraculous when you take a moment to look at the damage done to these buses, taken from the air.

Man. Those things are absolutely reduced to skeletons. Remembering riding on the bus as a kid, it seems surprising that there was that much non-metal on the bus to catch fire. Also remembering riding the bus as a kid, I bet a lot of kids were watching this with the dual thoughts of “man, that is scary,” and and “man, I hope this means we get out of school for a few more days.”

In any case, police don’t know what caused the fire, only that according to eyewitnesses, it likely began in a covered maintenance area where the buses were parked (apparently news crews arrived after the roof collapsed). Either way, the Puyallup school district has said that there will be classes as scheduled on September 6th despite the damaged or destroyed buses, as other area school districts have offered to lend the stricken district school buses to make up for the loss.

Sorry, kids.

News Source: KOMO News