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First Episode of ‘The Grand Tour’ Filmed

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We’ve been talking about The Grand Tour for ages. It was announced last year, and finally has a name and a logo, but that seemed to take forever. Some of us thought that perhaps this show wouldn’t actually happen, and instead it would be a very big tease like Ghostbusters III. Well, we can say that the first episode has finally been shot in front of a studio audience. It’s really happening!

The first episode of The Grand Tour was shot in a similar style to Top Gear, with the hosts sitting in a studio with the audience and introducing the segments. Unlike the original show, it looks as if the three hosts were seated at a table, as opposed to the Top Gear studio setup that usually lends itself more to standing up and talking. All three presenters were sitting together at the table, almost in a fashion similar to The View in the US, which makes us wonder if Clarkson is still the leader of the trio or if the new setup is more equal than before.

Since the episode was filmed in front of a crowd in Johannesburg, South Africa, and intends to move around for other episodes, the studio segments were shot in a giant tent instead of the garage used for the BBC program. It was a very well dressed tent, to be sure, with decorative cases and a travel desk to make it look as if the show was being shot on an expedition into the wild. The safari look makes us wonder, though, if the setup will change with each location, or if the tent will travel with the production.

We wish The Grand Tour well, and we can’t wait until all this anticipation is over and the new episodes are available online.

News Source: The Independent