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First Look at Brand-New VW I.D. Coupe-Crossover Concept [PHOTO]

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Volkswagen ID crossover coupe SUV concept car brand new teaser photo taillight

Volkswagen has made a tenacious effort to begin reinventing its lineup by imbuing it with a wave of electric vehicles (EVs). Turning to zero-emissions EVs as a promising path for the brand’s future, VW has been busy designing and revealing electric vehicles in its I.D. family.

Beginning with the first I.D. Concept at the Paris Motor Show last year, followed by the I.D. Buzz at the Detroit Auto Show in January, Volkswagen will be showing off its next family member at Auto Shanghai 2017 later this month–and this third one is promising to be a charmer.

Volkswagen Prepares to Introduce One-of-a-Kind Electric Crossover-Coupe

The third I.D. concept from Volkswagen has not been publicly given a name yet, but the brand has revealed some details about what’s in store–as well as an intriguing teaser image of the vehicle’s rear taillights.

Bringing together two very different worlds, this new I.D. concept debuting at Auto Shanghai on April 19-21 is part compact crossover utility vehicle and part four-door coupe. This VW I.D. CUV was designed to be sporty and versatile enough for urban adventurers who want cargo space and performance while maintaining zero emissions. The concept version specifically is filled with high-tech attributes like a fully autonomous driving mode, complete with laser scanners and retractable steering wheel.

While we wait to see what the concept–and later, production–version of the VW I.D. crossover will resemble, we’re glad to see Volkswagen taking the initiative to electrify the automotive market.