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Five Last-Minute Car Gifts for Young Drivers

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In case you haven’t heard, we are mere days away from Christmas. Have you found presents for everyone on your list? If you’re still shopping for a difficult teen on your list, we have a few gift ideas to help them drive right on the roads this winter.

A Really Good Ice Scraper

Sure, many teens probably have an ice scraper in their car. In areas with a lot of snowfall, though, the little cheap scraper and brush combinations might not cut it. Consider a serious ice scraper with a metal handle to tackle the worst storms. An ice scraper with a long handle is also essential for shorter drivers or taller cars.

Jumper Cables

Younger drivers probably are driving slightly older cars. That’s why jumper cables are essential. If a car refuses to start, a teen is ready to give it a jolt of electricity to get it home. Don’t forget to include directions with the cables, because if the cables are not connected correctly to a car there could be a fire.

Air Fresheners

We all love the teenagers in our life, but it’s no secret that they can smell kind of bad. If they forget their gym clothes in the car after school, the sweat can add to the bad smell. Traditional pine tree air fresheners can be arranged as a bow on a present to add additional flair to your car-themed gift. Several companies also make air fresheners that clip on to car vents to help keep the bad odors out of the cabin.

Emergency Kit

Several companies make compact emergency kits that are perfect to keep in car trunks in case the worst should happen. The kits contain reflective triangles, flares, tire air pressure gauges, and more to help drivers stand out if they become stuck on the road or involved in an accident. Many of them hold first aid essentials as well. You can also give young drivers snacks and water to keep in the car in case they are ever stuck for a longer period of time (or get hungry on a road trip).

Fun Car Accessories

Driving should be fun, not all doom and gloom. When building a kit for a young driver, throw in something to help personalize the vehicle. It could be a decorative seat cover, fun travel mug, cargo organizer, window decal, or even a fuzzy pair of dice.

If you know a teen that has recently earned their driver’s license, prepare them for the open road this Christmas. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that they are better equipped to handle many difficult situations.