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Five Reasons to Drive a LEAF from Nissan, Five More from Us

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five reasons to drive a LEAF

Nissan offers five reasons to drive a LEAF

As we noted earlier this week, Nissan is serving as the official sponsor of this year’s National Drive Electric Week, and so the automaker is making good on the opportunity to promote the hell out of the Nissan LEAF. It’s been something of a rough week for the LEAF with news that Carlos Ghosn may be shuttering battery manufacturing plants in the UK and US (he says Nissan doesn’t intend to do anything of the sort), but Nissan is using the following handy-dandy infographics to fill us in on its five reasons to drive a LEAF in 10 of its biggest markets:

Five Reasons to Drive a LEAF in 10 Different Markets

five reasons to drive a LEAF

The markets—Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.—each offer a number of benefits to drivers considering going with the LEAF. Examples include incentives in Houston (including federal and state tax credits) making the starting price of the LEAF less than $30,000, and LEAF drivers in Nashville being able to rest easy knowing they’re supporting a home-grown product (the LEAF is assembled at the Smyrna, Tennessee plant).

It should come as no surprise that one of the five reasons to drive a LEAF for each of the 10 markets is the new “No Charge to Charge” program, which offers two years of free public charging for those who purchase a new LEAF.

Other common factors include low operation costs in contrast to that of a car that offers 30 mpg, access to HOV lanes, and various tax incentives for making the switch to electric.

Need any additional incentive? Here are another five reasons to drive a LEAF wherever you happen to live:

  1. No stinky gas smells
  2. So quiet
  3. A great way to win friends and inspire others
  4. If we buy enough, we might get a cute little LEAF pickup
  5. Seriously. LEAF pickup truck