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Florida Dog Takes Car for a Joyride

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A dog in the driver's seat

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can’t do everything we can. One of the more obvious things is drive a car. One not-so-good boy in Florida decided to try his hand – er, paw – behind the wheel with an hour-long joyride in Port St. Lucie.

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The owner of a Labrador Retriever dog left the car turned on as he briefly stepped out. Somehow this smart (or dumb) dog shifted the car into reverse. From there began one of what has to be the smallest car chases in history. The unnamed dog managed to drive in reverse donuts for more than an hour, with police and fire crews looking on. We’re sure they were feeling a mixture of fear and awe as they watched this pup take control of a two-ton vehicle.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the police were able to stop the car by typing a code on its door keypad. They were finally able to catch the unlicensed driver as the vehicle slowed following a collision with a trash can and mailbox.

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There’s no word as to what charges the dog’s best friend might face, but he reportedly promised to pay to replace the destroyed mailbox. We don’t know the name of the dog because his owner wishes to remain anonymous. While we understand not wanting to be subject to the scrutiny of the internet, we wish that we could know the dog’s name. Maybe with the right training, he could turn his hour of fame spinning around a court into a long-term career as an Uber driver.

News Source: AJC, CNN