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Florida Man Arrested After Painting Own Name on Police Car

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Flowing paint

Here’s a scenario:

You are painting with a nice bucket of blue paint. You have been drinking a little bit (to aid in the painting process, we guess?).

Then police pull up in front of your house. They aren’t after you–they are just responding to a call from someone else’s house, but they still left their cars in front of your house.

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What do you do?

Odds are, that answer is shrug, take another drink, and go back to painting.

However, if you are Russell “Rusty” Moore of Gulfport, Florida, you don’t like to play by the odds. Rusty wasn’t going to let the police just park there. What is this, a parking lot? No, this is the front of Rusty’s property.

So Rusty painted his name on one of the cars and his initial “R” on another. Then, when police, understandably, asked him (through the home’s door) whether he was the one who painted on the cars, Rusty flipped them off and threw the empty can of blue paint outside.

“I was just being mischevious,” Rusty told Bay News 9.

It seems police agreed, since they returned to Rusty’s home (after spending $140 to get the paint removed) and arrested him for criminal mischief.

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News Source: Bay News 9