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Report: Ford Focus RS Will Be AWD, Imported from Europe

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Focus RS

The Focus RS: it’s coming, America

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is coming, and we hope that you are adequately prepared for the madness. The suitably crazy hot hatch—which is likely to feature a 2.3-liter turbo four that will generate upwards of 350 horsepower—is almost a sure thing, but it’s from where it is disseminated that might come as a surprise.

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The Truth About Cars cites an unnamed source that claims the Focus RS will slot in above the Focus ST and will in fact be a European import. The stated reason is that Ford Michigan Assembly simply doesn’t have the volume to accommodate the Focus RS, meaning that whatever quantities we get will likely wind up being pretty limited.

It’s also reported that the Focus RS will in fact be offered in AWD, contrary to earlier reports that it would be positively insane with 300+ horsepower going entirely into the front wheels. While there was something charming about the notion of an insanely fast FWD hot hatch, we won’t complain much if it indeed makes the switch to a torque-vectoring AWD platform.

Whether it’s AWD or FWD, it’s going to positively crazy. More importantly, it’ll be positively ours in 2016, if TTAC’s sources are accurate.

If you’re not excited yet, then just watch this video, from AutoEvolution, of a Focus RS test mule absolutely bombing around The Green Hell. If you aren’t excited after viewing, check your pulse. If you can’t find a pulse, please contact the CDC, because you are probably the living dead.

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