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Folding, Cocoon-Like Parking Garages Keep Your Car Safer

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Folding Car Garage

China has made the folding car garage popular in cities around the world

There’s nothing more annoying than walking outside only to discover that a bird has pooped on your car. If you’re tired of having to wash bird poop off your car once a week because your assigned parking spot is under a leafy tree, then China might have the perfect gadget for you: an electric, folding garage.

Fit to the dimensions of a single parking spot, these folding garages can protect your car from the elements. With an accordion-like shell, the garage extends to protect your car when you’re not using it—not to mention it saves your spot from any parking hogs!

While this technology isn’t exactly new, there has been an increase in the amount of automation and tech in the cocoons. Rather than having to manually extend the shell after you’re parked, the garage can fold itself with the click of a button—just like a regular automatic garage. Each of these car cocoons ranges in price and capabilities, making them all the rage in Asian and many Middle Eastern countries.

Here’s to not having to worry about bird poop anymore!

News Source: CarScoops