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Ford Bronco Named Most Fun SUV of 2021 (Because Duh)

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2021 Ford Bronco Family |  Ford Bronco in Cyber Orange - Ford Bronco in Shadow Black - Ford Bronco Sport in Rapid Red
Just look at this thing. The Ford Bronco screams fun
Photo: Ford

Try to feign surprise when reading the following sentence: the all-new Ford Bronco is Kelley Blue Book’s Most Fun SUV of 2021. It probably would have been more surprising if KBB’s experts had picked anything but the 2021 Ford Bronco to top its list of the 10 Most Fun SUVs of the year.

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Ford’s new Built Wild Bronco topped a list that includes fun-loving rides like the Tesla Model Y, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, and Porsche Macan. While beating so many big names is no doubt a feather in the Bronco’s cap, the biggest and fluffiest of those feathers is topping its rival the Jeep Wrangler, which ranked third.

Bronco, Bronco Sport tag-team for the championship win

So what did KBB’s Allyson Harwood have to say about the all-awesome Ford Bronco?

Whether it’s the retro style, the removable roof, the turbocharged engines, or the serious off-road ability, the reborn Ford Bronco is an easy choice for the most fun SUV of 2021. Amazingly, the Bronco lineup even starts just below $30,000 with the Ford Bronco Sport, which comes standard with four-wheel drive. So there’s a Bronco out there for just about any budget.

You read that right. This award isn’t just for the Bronco two-door and four-door. It’s shared with the smaller Bronco Sport, which has just been lighting it up since it arrived at dealerships last year.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport exterior
The Ford Bronco Sport is cool and it loves to have fun, please swipe right
Photo: Ford

It also makes good sense for the Bronco Sport to be co-holder of the Most Fun SUV of 2021 title. It has, after all, picked up KBB honors including Coolest Car Under $30,000 and Coolest Car for Dads. That’s quite the resume.

No doubt, Ford made the Bronco and Bronco Sport with the clear goal of having fun in mind. What else would you expect from SUVs with standard 4×4, a whole bunch of power, retro-chic styling, and, in the case of the Bronco, a seven-speed manual?

The 2021 Ford Bronco recently began its long-awaited rollout to dealerships across the country, though the high volume of orders will likely make it a total sellout for the next year or two. Because Americans love to have fun. Pretty sure that’s in the Constitution.

File it Under the Fun-st Amendment: Ford Bronco Sport named KBB’s Coolest Car of 2021