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2021 Ford Bronco Sport Named Coolest Car Under $30K

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2021 Ford Bronco Sport Raised by Goats commercial
You know the Bronco Sport is cool because goats wanna hang with it
Photo: Ford

Kelley Blue Book is pretty good at taking that intangible idea of being cool and putting a value on it. KBB’s Coolest Cars list is a trusted standard for measuring the innate coolness of new rides year after year. And for 2021, what else could have possibly been the coolest thing under $30,000 but the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport? Can you think of any other vehicles whose commercials feature awesome goats?

More on this Hot Horse: New Bronco Sport hits the trail with a vengeance and no shortage of style ranked the all-new Ford Bronco Sport numero uno on its 2021 list of the 10 Coolest Cars Under $30,000. Of the Bronco Sport, KBB says, “If you like to camp, bike, hike, or enjoy a day in the countryside, the Bronco Sport is one of the coolest ways to get there.”

What’s cool about the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport, exactly? Better question: what isn’t? Among other things, you’ve got the classic Bronco styling right down to the squared-off angles and flat sides. There’s the safari-style roof, the range of color options, the hundreds of accessories. Oh, and also the fact that it’s just a complete beast off-road with standard 4×4 capability.

One point of contention must be raised, however: How is KBB going to dub the Bronco Sport the coolest car in the game under $30K and not even mention the bottle opener in the cargo area? Come on, y’all. That’s a slam dunk.

Ford Mustang also makes KBB’s Coolest Car list

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1
The 2021 Mustang lineup adds the ultra-cool Mach 1
Photo: Ford

When you’re talking about cool cars, the Ford Mustang is always in the conversation. KBB had plenty to say about the 2021 Mustang, rating it No. 4 on its 10 Coolest Cars Under $30,000 list. That puts the Mustang ahead of other luminaries of cool (cooluminaries?) like the Dodge Challenger, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Chevrolet Camaro, and MINI Cooper.

Does that make Ford the only brand represented twice on the list of coolest cars? Oh, you know it. That’s cool.

More Awards for Ford: Mustang Mach-E takes title of Edmunds Top Rated Luxury EV