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So the Ford EVOS Looks Kinda Nice, Huh

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The Ford EVOS on stage at Auto Shanghai 2021
Well, hello there, EVOS
Photo: Ford

This week at Auto Shanghai 2021, Ford Motor Company revealed the EVOS — an all-new, China-exclusive vehicle. Is it a sedan? A crossover? Is it electric? A plug-in hybrid? Is it powered by dreams and wishes? Who cares? It looks pretty rad either way.

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Ford says that the EVOS is the first vehicle to communicate its “Progressive Energy in Strength” design philosophy, and it seems safe to call it a home run on the first swing. It’s undeniably striking, imbued with what Ford calls “Chinese aesthetic values.” Whatever that means, the result is eye-catching. Even if it’s not your thing, you can’t help but look at it and go, huh, would ya look at that?

Same can be said for the interior, which adopts a sort of modern less-is-more approach not unlike what you see with the Mustang Mach-E. Unlike the Mustang Mach-E with its huge 15.5-inch portrait display, the Ford EVOS has a horizontal interface that sweeps across the dashboard, connecting the 12.3-inch digital cluster with a 27-inch 4K touch screen. The model shown off in Shanghai features stylish orange accents throughout the cabin, which complements details in the 3D parametric grille and on the side view mirrors.

Ford EVOS smart cabin
Some real vibes going on here
Photo: Ford

The EVOS will also be a showcase for the latest in Ford tech. It’ll be the first vehicle with the Ford Virtual Personal Assistant, an in-vehicle AI that Ford says will offer industry-first “co-driver” mode. The Ford EVOS will also get BlueCruise hands-free driving technology.

Curiously, Ford didn’t say outright what kind of vehicle the EVOS is. The open-mesh grille and presence of a fuel door over the left rear wheel suggest that it’s deffo not a BEV and probably not a plug-in hybrid. MotorTrend suggests that it’ll be a traditional ICE vehicle powered by a 2.0-liter turbo, but it would not be unlikely that Ford could offer the EVOS with different powertrains.

Mike Levine: Ford not bringing EVOS to North America

The Ford EVOS has already gathered up some attention in the United States, leading many to wonder if the stylish maybe-sedan-maybe-wagon-maybe-crossover will find its way stateside. But according to Ford North America Product Communications Manager Mike Levine, the answer to that question is a big ol’ nope.

Plans can change, of course, but the EVOS appears to be a one-market kinda car — even though Ford grabbed the EVOS trademark back in 2018. Though it would not be terribly surprising if the style on display here finds its way across the ocean in some way or another, even if it’s under a different name.

As Car and Driver suggests, the proportions and style of the EVOS would line up pretty well with the proposed Fusion Active wagon rumored to join the lineup as a Subaru Outback-fighter. Hey, why not? The EVOS looks pretty rad, so yeah, more rad things over here, pwease.

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