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Ford Maverick Development Driven by … Oreos?

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Ford Maverick Team Oreo Wrapper Wall
The team behind the 2022 Ford Maverick ate, like, a lot of Oreos
Photo: Ford

If you’re anything like me, your productivity can live or die by the amount of coffee you get in you in a given day. But the team that brought the all-new Ford Maverick to life had a different vice: Oreos.

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Ford team leaned on Oreos while developing new Maverick

Katie Pecoraro, the program management supervisor over the new compact truck, told the Detroit Free Press’s Phoebe Wall Howard that those delicious crème-filled cookies were the rocket fuel that propelled a team of 60 to put together the new Maverick in a fraction of the typical time. Pecoraro says that the team shaved 20 months off the usual product lifecycle development time.

To ensure everyone was laser-focused, Pecoraro had tons of food on hand and made to sure to observe major holidays like National Hot Dog Day and National Grilled Cheese Day. Not to mention your typical Taco Tuesday.

But the real star of the show was Oreos, which served as something of a secret weapon for the team developing the Ford Maverick. According to self-described Oreo aficionado Pecoraro, the team went through 100 packages of different Oreos when crunch time hit. That includes unique flavors like red velvet, rocky road, and apple pie as well as the usual chocolate.

“I decided that the team should try and vote on various flavors to make the work environment fun and light, plus the little shot of sugar in the afternoon never hurts,” Pecoraro said. “At one point, we decided we should keep track of all the flavors and packages of Oreos we consumed to power the Maverick team, so the labels were attached to the top of the wall like a wallpaper border.”

If that doesn’t sound like a party, I don’t know what does.

Oreo Thins offering limited-edition Maverick camo pack

Ford Maverick Oreo Thins Limited Edition Ford Camo Pack
Don’t mind me, Timmy. Just gotta check the owner’s manual here. *crunch crunch crunch*
Photo: Ford

Naturally, Oreo caught wind of how vital the delicious cookies were to the development of the Ford Maverick and decided to do a little something special.

Ford and Oreo Thins put together what it calls the Oreo Thins Protection Program, which involves an Oreo Thins Limited Edition Ford Camo Pack. In essence, it’s a package of Oreo Thins that looks like a 2022 Ford Maverick owner’s manual from the side and handily fits in the glovebox.

Oreo Thins Protection Program Packaging Green Giant BHG Hanes Ford
Hit up Oreo on social media and you could win some fancy-looking Oreo Thins
Photo: Ford

Oreo is making 3,000 packages of Oreo Thins designed to throw snooping kiddos off the trail by dressing up the cookies like mundane things like Hanes t-shirts or a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. You can win one by heading to Twitter or Instagram by July 23 and posting a photo of your favorite Oreo Thins hiding spot with the hashtag #ThinsProtectionProgram. This will also enter you in a drawing to win $25,000 — which would be more than enough to get your own Ford Maverick.

And how has the reception to the 2022 Ford Maverick been thus far? Ford Truck and SUV Communications Coordinator Hannah Ooms told Freep that reservations are up past 74,000 since the truck was revealed earlier this year.

Join the Crowd: The 2022 Ford Maverick is coming later this year and reservations are open now