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Ford Rolls Out Telematics Support to All Vehicles

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Ford Telematics will now cover vehicles from all makes
Ford announces that Ford Telematics will work with all vehice types
Photo: Ford

They say that sharing is caring, so it seems fair to say that Ford cares a lot. The automaker announced this month that it’s expanding Ford Telematics capabilities to vehicles from all automakers, giving businesses even more flexibility with an all-in-one fleet management solution.

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“At Ford, our commitment to fleet customers goes beyond the mix of their fleet,” said Alex Purdy, Director of Business Operations, Enterprise Connectivity, Ford Motor Company. “By supporting all makes and models, expanding the capabilities of Ford Telematics, and providing complementary management tools, we’re arming fleet managers with the knowledge they need to maintain uptime and increase productivity across their fleet.”

Fleet operators will be able to use a plug-in device that attaches to non-Ford-make vehicles via a wiring harness. That leaves the OBD II port open for use, allowing for full functionality. With the device attached, non-Fords can be tracked alongside Ford commercial vehicles using the Ford Telematics dashboard. Ford notes that this won’t add to the current cost of its telematics service.

Ford Telematics allows customers to track driver behavior, scoring each driver based on their efficiency and driving habits. This creates opportunities for coaching and helps improve uptime.

Ford Telematics Essentials coming in Q2 2021

Ford Telematics Essentials offers complementary fleet management
Ford Telematics Essentials offers free fleet management tools
Photo: Ford

To the end of improving fleet performance, Ford also announced that it’s launching Ford Telematics Essentials sometime over the next three months. A complimentary version of Ford Telematics, Essentials provides insight into key data like vehicle odometers, diagnostic codes, and open recalls. Down the line, the platform will expand to give fleet operators access to easy maintenance scheduling.

Ford will continue to tighten its grip on the commercial vehicle market with the all-new E-Transit, which launches next year. The all-new 2021 Ford F-150 also offers distinct advantages for fleet customers with over-the-air update capabilities.

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