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Ford Launches V2I Technologies in China

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Traffic Information Broadcast V2I technology debuts in China
Ford debuts five V2I technologies on the new Explorer, Edge Plus
Photo: Ford

Effective at the beginning of January, two vehicles sold by Ford Motor Company in China offer game-changing Vehicle-to-Infrastructure features. The new Ford Explorer and Ford Edge Plus both feature V2I features that work on public roads in Wuxi in the Jiangsu Province and Changsha in the Hunan Province.

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Ford V2I tech helps drivers avoid red lights

Each vehicle offers a handful of features that will make driving in the cities of Wuxi and Changsha safer and more convenient. These include Traffic Light Information, a feature that transmits information on light schedules to the vehicle to give the driver alerts when a light is preparing to change.

That feature works in conjunction with the Green Light Notification, Red Light Violation Warning, and Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory. The former most of the three effectively counts down when a red light is preparing to turn green, making drivers aware when it’s time to accelerate.

The Right Light Violation Warning uses that information as well as the vehicle’s distance from the light and traveling speed to warn against potentially running a red light. The Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory provides a recommended speed range that ideally helps the driver avoid hitting red lights altogether, saving time and fuel consumption in the process.

Traffic Information Broadcast is another V2I feature that the Ford Explorer and Ford Edge Plus offer standard. TIB notifies drivers about issues related to traffic, construction, and emergencies, suggesting new routes to save time and cut down on congestion.

The launch of these technologies helps to pave the way for additional cellular vehicle-to-everything technologies being developed. As it stands, Ford is the first automaker in China to deliver C-V2X technologies to the masses in production vehicles, and these features will likely become more widely available in the future.

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