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Ford’s 16-Million-Square-Foot Rouge Center Goes Zero-to-Landfill

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Rouge Center goes landfill-free

Ford has achieved an aim two years in the making, announcing this month that the Ford Rouge Center has gone landfill-free, becoming the automaker’s largest manufacturing facility to earn the zero-to-landfill distinction.

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A zero-to-landfill facility is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: no waste created by the manufacturing process is sent to a landfill. Ford Rouge Center’s six facilities generates an estimated 14 million pounds of waste every year, all of which will now be reused or recycled in some form or fashion.

“It’s an incredible achievement,” said Gary Johnson, Ford North America manufacturing vice president. “With 16 million square feet of factory floor space and approximately 7,000 employees, it was a challenge, but we’ve succeeded in finding solutions for our manufacturing waste streams.”

Johnson notes that the center instituted a closed-loop recycling system two years ago, which allows Ford to recycle enough aluminum scrap to manufacture 30,000 Ford F-150 bodies every single month. The center also features one of the largest living roofs on the planet.

Ford now boasts 69 global facilities that send no waste to landfill.

“Our global waste strategy commits Ford to reducing waste-to-landfill, and we have made great progress in our facilities around the world,” said Andy Hobbs, Ford Motor Company director, Environmental Quality Office. “We are proud of the efforts of our employees worldwide in their commitment to helping Ford reduce its global environmental footprint, and especially pleased with this achievement at our iconic Ford Rouge Center.”

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