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Ford’s Four New SUVs Will Fill US Lineup Gaps

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2015 Ford EcoSport

The addition of a Ford EcoSport to the automaker’s US lineup seems increasingly plausible

Ford indicated at the beginning of the year that it intends to add four new SUVs to its lineup in the United States by 2020, but it was otherwise mum on details. Today, at the Chicago Auto Show, the automaker shed only the slightest bit of light on matters.

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Ford notes that in order to capitalize on what it anticipates to be exponential growth in the popularity of crossovers and SUVs, particularly among millennials and baby boomers, it will add four vehicles in segments where it is otherwise currently unrepresented. Ford estimates that SUVs will account for 40% of all new vehicle sales by 2020.

“As members of the 80-million-strong millennial age group enter their prime child-rearing years, a leading indicator of more SUV sales, nearly 80 million aging baby boomers continue to prefer their SUVs,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford Motor Company vice president of Marketing, Sales and Service. “It’s a demographic double whammy and it all points to one thing—more SUVs for the foreseeable future.”

LaNeve added that the increased fuel efficiency of SUVs makes them more viable alternatives to midsize sedans for customers of various generational groups. It is noted in particular that baby boomers have shown tendencies toward SUVs in that they are easier to enter or exit.

Whether Ford reveals one of these new SUVs at Chicago this week remains to be seen, and while it’s not expected, stranger things have happened.

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