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Four-Door Mustang Seems to Be in the Works at Ford: Rumor

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2019 Ford Mustang GT Performance 3 | Four-door Mustang rumor

Could Ford really be planning a four-door Mustang sedan? It seems like it might!

If you’re thankful for wild speculation about potential Mustang derivations, well, you’d best strap in, because we’re eating. Enthusiast website Mustang6G reports a rumor emanating from a major dealer event that suggests a four-door Mustang sedan is on the horizon. What is this timeline?

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According to Mustang6G, Ford reps told dealers in attendance that a four-door Mustang would be powered by a turbo V8 and would be a direct competitor for the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7. This seems to suggest that the four-door Mustang in question is not the Mach 1 all-electric performance SUV, which is said to fuse the Mustang with a Ford Explorer and is set to arrive within the next three years.

Ford earlier this year announced that it will be discontinuing all of its non-Mustang cars in the United States — though the Fiesta will live on for at least the 2019 model year and the Fusion is expected to hang around in its current form for a few years more. Leveraging the brand cachet of the Mustang name would be a good way to revitalize Ford’s sedan lineup, but it is also possible that the final product would go by a different name — ala the Mach 1, which likely won’t be called the Mach 1 at all — and only boast Mustang-influenced design and performance elements.

Will this amount to anything at all? Only time will tell. But in the lean period between now and new, tangible, genuine Mustang goodness on the horizon — looking at you, Shelby GT500 — this makes for a good snack.

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News Source: Mustang6G