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Four Tips for Packing Light on a Road Trip

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Don’t be tempted to take everything plus the kitchen sink when embarking on a driving adventure. Just because you don’t have to abide by confusing, complicated rules, strict measurements, exorbitant fees and tricky specifications like you would if you were taking a plane to your destination (one of the major reasons you decided to drive and not fly in the first place!), doesn’t mean over-packing your car is a good idea. With the following tips, you’ll be able to restrain your over-packing instincts and still be prepared for your road trip.

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Weather reports for every state you’re traveling through must be consulted first, according to USA Today writer Victoria Bailey. By checking the 10-day weather report, you’ll have a better guideline of what clothes to take what to leave behind.

When choosing the appropriate attire (no more than a week’s worth), make sure it all coordinates and that pieces can mix and match, advises SmarterTravel writer Sarah Schlichter. If you’re road trip is longer, some time to do laundry should be budgeted into your travel plans.

A gallon zip-top bag is the perfect way to haul your toiletry items, preferably travel-sized bottles, your prescriptions and a first-aid kit, Bailey writes. Don’t bother with soap, shampoo and other shower items since the hotel/motels you crash at should be stocked with them, she adds.

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Folding your clothes will suck up precious space, notes Schlichter who suggests rolling your items instead. This method not only saves space, but it also helps to guarantee you won’t be wearing wrinkly clothes throughout your trip.

News Source: USA Today, SmarterTravel