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French Pedestrians Use Stickers to Say What We Are All Thinking

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While walking or riding a bicycle, one of the most aggravating things that will happen is coming across someone parked in a bad location, whether it be on a sidewalk, in the bike lane, or even in the crosswalk. Normally, we mutter something about where the driver should have parked their car (no matter how physically improbable) and go on about our day.

However, the people of Marseille, France, have had it up to here. The crowded Mediterranean city is apparently notorious for drivers ignoring traffic rules, so pedestrians have started slapping stickers on offending vehicles that read (in French), “I’m parked like a s***.”

The stickers, which come in a variety of colors so that they will be sure to stand out against the car’s paint, are the products of the Revendic’Art group. A spokeswoman told The Telegraph that, “The idea is to ease the psychological pain experienced daily by thousands of frustrated drivers, forced to drive up to the 10th floor of the car park because some need three spaces to feel comfortable.”

The group sells packs of 60 stickers, which can apparently be easily washed off. These stickers have given rise to their own hashtag on Twitter with photos of poorly-parked vehicles: “#gcum,” which stands for “Garé Comme Une Merde,” or in English, “Parked like a s***.”

News Source: The Telegraph