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Fun Places to Drive to on a Snow Day

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Snow day
Tubing down a hill
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If your children ever get a joyous snow day, you may decide to join them on their day off. While some snow days may entail curling up under blankets and drinking hot chocolate, you could also spend the day driving to different locations around the city and enjoying some family-friendly activities once the roads are clear.

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The movie theater

Instead of watching a movie on Netflix, you could catch a new movie at your local theater. Movie theaters tend to have lower prices during the day than in the evening so it’s definitely worth going to on a snow day. Some theaters also have discounted tickets on specific weekdays, so be sure to check for deals on their websites.  

The mall

Whether you have something specific you want to purchase, or you enjoy wandering between clothing racks until you find something appealing, the mall is a great place to spend your snow day. While there, you can also grab a quick bite to eat at the food court and save yourself the trouble of cooking a meal later on.

The park

If there are a few inches of snow sticking to the grass, you can take part in lots of outdoor activities at your local park. You can build a snowman, have a snow fight, or find a sloping hill for everyone to slide down.

Ice skating rink

Ice skating is a fun way for you and your children to burn off some energy. Depending on the weather, you can drive to an indoor or an outdoor ice skating rink. If you think ice skating may be too difficult for your little ones, you can head to a roller rink instead.  

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Each of these locations can provide a fun snow day for the whole family. Before hitting the road, make sure the streets are safe for you to drive and remember to bring additional clothing layers and phone chargers as an extra precaution.