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Furious 7 is Now the Highest Grossing Movie in Chinese History

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Furious 7 | Furious 8 Release Date Announced

Furious 7, a film that finally answers the question “Why are there no good roles for bald men?” has been tearing it up at the box office lately. And nowhere is the action-heavy carsploitation flick more popular than in China, where it has grossed a whopping $325.8 million in just 15 days.

That haul already makes Furious 7 the highest grossing movie in China… ever. And according to Worthington’s Law, that means that Furious 7 is literally the greatest film that’s ever graced a Chinese movie screen.

Okay, so it’s probably not the greatest movie China’s ever seen… but it’s actually pretty good, and it’s certainly better than the movie that previously held the record, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

To quote our own review of the film: “Furious 7 succeeds by appealing to the stupid teenaged kid within us all. Swimsuit models, Dodge Chargers, Ludacris—it’s like all of the posters in a 13-year old boy’s bedroom circa-2002 came to life and made a kickass movie together.”

The film, directed by Australian filmmaker James Wan (who, appropriately enough, is of Malaysian Chinese descent), has grossed over $1 billion in overseas revenue. That makes it the third highest overseas grosser of all time, behind only James Cameron’s Avatar ($2.027 billion) and James Cameron’s Titanic ($1.5 billion).

Will the world ever embrace a movie not directed by a guy named James? We may never know.

News Source: The Hollywood Reporter