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FYI: There’s a Rickmobile Traveling Cross-Country and it got a Hilarious Traffic Ticket

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Prepare to get riggity, riggity wrecked!

Rickmobile Columbus Ohio Rick and Morty

Not gonna lie, I would be terrified if I turned a corner and saw this on the road ahead of me

Did you know there’s a truck fashioned to look like Rick Sanchez from the animated Adult Swim show Rick and Morty traveling cross-country, as we speak? Yeah, I didn’t either, until one of my friends from high school posted pictures with the interesting vehicle on Instagram.

This ones for North Carolina, c’mon and raise up- the Rickmobile is at the Raleigh Beer Garden from 5-8pm tonight. #rickandmorty#rickmobile#holidaytour#peteypablo#raleigh

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Let’s get this dumb universe rollin’!

The vehicle, aptly named the Rickmobile, has been traveling to cities across the U.S. since mid-May, selling the show’s merchandise from the opening on the side of the truck. Some of the items include a holiday beanie, a Funko Pop figure, and a Rickmobile toy car.

Rickmobile Columbus Ohio Rick and Morty Sign

Getting stuck holding this sign is a very Morty thing to do

While the northern states of Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas have unfortunately been excluded from the tour, most of the remainder of the contiguous U.S. has had a chance to see the Rickmobile in person. As of today, there are only four stops left on the 69-stop tour (nice).


Don’t hate the player, hate the game, son

While the Rickmobile is surely an amazing sight to see on the highway, it definitely isn’t impervious to violating traffic laws, as it was recently ticketed for not paying a $4 toll in the state of Delaware. The Twitter account for the odd vehicle posted an apology to the state, along with a hilarious screenshot of the ticket.

I’m not sure if I would have actually stood in line to purchase any of the merch, but I am sad that I didn’t know about the stops in Ohio, simply because I missed a chance to see a ton of Rick and Morty fans potentially lose their sh*t, à la the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce debacle of October 2017.

rick and morty gif