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Gamers Argue Over “Grand Theft Auto V” Being Touted as the Most Successful Media Title Ever

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grand theft auto v game poster most successful media title ever

Some controversy is swirling about Grand Theft Auto V being named the most successful media title
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On September 17, 2013, Rockstar Games released the fifth installment of its popular Grand Theft Auto video game franchise for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Grand Theft Auto V features three main characters: Franklin Clinton, a former gang member who still wants to make big money; Michael DeSanta, a former bank robber now living the lush life with his dysfunctional family in Los Santos; and Trevor Philips, a former pilot now living in the run-down desert town of Sandy Shores.

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Once unlocked, players have the opportunity to control each of these characters as they work their way through assigned missions. While the GTA games have been criticized for glorifying crimes, there are opportunities that don’t involve any criminal activity (playing tennis or golf, watching a movie, and investing in the stock market are just a few). On the other hand, the game does allow an escape for those who want to experience a heist involving getaway cars and racing against the clock. The diverse gameplay is what has drawn in millions of players worldwide and has helped the game become the most successful media title ever, even outselling major films like Star Wars and Gone with the Wind.

grand theft auto v gameplay michael trevor most successful media title ever

Seen here, Trevor (left) and Michael dress as cops to complete a mission
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According to Cowen analyst Doug Creutz, Grand Theft Auto V has sold more than 90 million units, putting it near $6 billion in revenue. Some have argued that World of Warcraft is actually the most successful media title ever — with more than $10 billion in revenue — but that is counting the franchise as a whole (including expansion packs and monthly subscriptions). The numbers based on Grand Theft Auto V were calculated on the standalone product, not the entire Grand Theft Auto series, which spans back to 1997.

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Source: MarketWatch