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Gametime Grill: 5 Best Football Stadiums to Tailgate

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So you’ve read our article on tailgating rules and etiquette and you just can’t wait to enjoy your next tailgate party. So now you might be wondering, “Where are the best games and stadiums to tailgate at?” There are a few, and each for different reasons. Take a look at some of our favorites!

Ralph Wilson Stadium - Buffalo Gillette Stadium - New England

Ralph Wilson Stadium – Buffalo
Photo: mikefats

Buffalo Bills

It can get a bit cold at the Ralph Wilson Stadium, but the Bills have ways to warm you right back up. They’ll show up with mini buses tricked out with built-in ovens and cook up hundreds of the city’s namesake chicken wing, which is then smothered in equally iconic and widely varied dips.

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City - best games and stadiums to tailgate

Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City
Photo: Conman33

Kansas City Chiefs

Are you a fan of BBQ? Then bring yourself down to the Arrowhead Stadium, where you can buy overnight parking tickets and where the cars and grills stretch like an ocean of metal! Get ready to meet lots of friendly people who want to share their unique recipes with you.

Gillette Stadium - New England - best games and stadiums to tailgate

Gillette Stadium – New England

New England Patriots

They’ve played more NFL games in the last decade than any other team, which means you’ll meet some of the most experienced and diehard tailgaters. There’s usually lots of rules at the Gillette Stadium but an equal amount of fun.

Lambeau Field - Green Bay - best games and stadiums to tailgate

Lambeau Field – Green Bay
Photo: JL1Row

Green Bay Packers

If you’re extra serious about tailgating, this is probably where you want to go. Locally-brewed beer, Wisconsin cheese, and Bratwust sausages as far as the eye can see make Lambeau Field one of the best places to enjoy a good tailgating party.

FirstEnergy Stadium - Cleveland - best games and stadiums to tailgate

FirstEnergy Stadium – Cleveland
Photo: Crash Underride

Cleveland Browns

The Browns take a huge amount of pride in their tailgating tradition; it’s almost a religion. They don’t win a lot of games but they do win at food! At the FirstEnergy Stadium, enjoy the odd but deliciously-flavored beer-can chicken along with fried turkey, chili, and Bloody Marys while sitting next to the iconic Tailgate Dawg bus.