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George R.R. Martin’s Mazda: “Game of Thrones” Writer Still Drives His Trusty RX-7

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George R.R. Martin's Mazda

George R.R. Martin’s Mazda along with his wicked castle mailbox.

Novelist George R.R. Martin is no doubt getting richer nearly every day as he continues to reap the rewards of his most cherished and beloved work –the 1982 novel Fevre Dream (all jokes aside, it’s a pretty great book).  The whole Game of Thrones thing certainly doesn’t hurt in paying his bills.  Given the beaucoup bucks Martin is raking in from his creation, he’s got to own a fleet of expensive sports cars, each more flashy than the last.  Right?  Wrong: Martin lives a relatively low-key life and still drives his trusty old first-gen Mazda RX-7.

InvestorPlace reports that the Game of Thrones scribe is worth more than $50 million, yet owns two modest sized homes on the same street.  He’s known to eat at local eateries and have drinks with his fans (we like to imagine that he gives them fake spoilers for future GoT events…”Yeah, it turns out that the whole thing was Bob Newhart’s dream!”).  Most telling of the author’s down-to-earth mindset is that old Mazda RX-7, adorned with a “GRRM” vanity plate.

While the first-generation RX-7 was certainly no slouch in its heyday, it bears repeating that this heyday was over thirty years ago.  Just imagine Maester Aemon trying to run a foot race with Jon Snow and you’ll get the idea.

If Martin’s very humble abode or unpretentious choice of ride (say what you will about those rear windshield louvers) don’t tell you everything you need to know about the man, just take a peek at his castle-shaped mailbox.  SPOILER ALERT: It’s pretty awesome. What do you think of George R.R. Martin’s Mazda? Too humble?