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Georgia Police Round up Over 100 cars

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Police Car Civic Center
Police Car
Photo: Scott Davidson

On July 7th, 25 police cruisers managed to surround more than 113 cars in the Georgia Civic Center parking lot. Police had been suspicious of potential criminal activity in the area for a while, and this was the first time they were able to round up the cars.

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Details on the incident

Police suspected drivers and passengers of the vehicles had been burning rubber and doing drugs in the parking lot. Witnesses even said that they could hear people revving their engines whenever they met up.

In February, a driver raced near the Civic Center at a speed of almost 80 mph and killed a pedestrian. There appears to be some connection between the drivers racing in February and the drivers rounded up in July.

When police cruisers showed up around midnight on July 7th, they were able to trap over 113 cars in the parking lot by blocking any cars trying to exit and then corralling them. In total, police were able to gather over 500 people.

Some of the people included reckless drivers, who were riding on top of their vehicles. Overall, two people were arrested for reckless driving. In addition, two were arrested for driving under the influence, and four were arrested on different charges. Police also issued 30 citations for actions, such as driving without a seatbelt or driving without headlights.

You can see for yourself what went down by watching the video released by WRBL below.

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It is quite impressive that the cops were able to trap such a large amount of cars. As always, make sure you stay safe and follow the law while driving.

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