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Get a Load of the Opel GT Concept’s Incredible Interior

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Opel GT Concept

The wacky and wonderful Opel GT Concept looks absolutely unlike anything else on the road from the outside. When Opel dropped a bunch of photos of the concept earlier this year, there was a noticeable hesitance to show off too much of its interior. This was clearly by design, as Opel is now focusing on showing off all the wackiness and wonderfulness of the interior. And, like the exterior, there’s plenty of that to go around.

The interior of the Opel GT Concept carries on the black, red, and silver color scheme, and it attempts to recreate a similar sense of flow as the exterior. It is completely without any buttons or knobs, with all aspects of the vehicle controllable by a touchscreen or voice operation. The concept, known as Human Machine Interface, aims to have the vehicle adapt to the needs and habits of the driver.

The instrument panels are projection surfaces that can be backlit in multiple colors and are capable of displaying different levels of information. The steering wheel and pedals can all be adjusted electronically to fit the driver’s preference, and the panoramic roof mingles with the high-quality materials to create a unique feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Basically, it’s wild. If this truly represents the future of sports cars, then the future is bright indeed.

The Opel GT Concept will be shown off in full next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned for more details.

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Opel GT Concept