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Buy a Kia Sing-a-Long Soul For Your Little Brat This Christmas

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Kid Trax Kia Sing-a-Long Soul Car

The all-new Kid Trax Kia Sing-a-Long Soul Car

The latest eco-friendly, zero emissions vehicle from Kia is this new electric Kid Trax Kia Soul Sing-Along DJ Ride-On Car, which can comfortably seat five…-year-old passengers. Two of them, to be exact.

The new sub-sub-compact is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery, which drivers can juice up with the Direct Connect one-step charging system. That electric powertrain propels this baby to a top speed of 5 mph, although mom and dad can always lower that number with the speed control system. But of course, you don’t buy a $400 Kia Sing-a-Long Soul Car for its performance capabilities: it’s about the music.

Kia Sing-a-Long Soul

Get that bass bumpin’ with the speakers in the Kia Sing-a-Long Soul

According to the promotional video below, your child will use the Sing-a-Long Soul to “cruise the neighborhood and share their favorite tunes from their own MP3 player” (wait, these little snot-nosed punks have their own iPods, too? Why, back in my day…) The Kid Trax Kia also gets FM (but not AM) radio.

The fun really starts once your children pull over and press the “party mode” button, which enables them to sing-a-long to their favorite tracks using the two microphones in the trunk (where they’ll also find two pairs of “rock star glasses,” which is apparently the official name for those cheap Ray-Ban knock-offs from Hot Topic). The best part about party mode, though, is that the Sing-a-Long Soul’s plethora of LED lights start flashing like crazy. It’s like a rave, with Kidz Bop replacing Techno and pixie sticks filling in for ecstasy.

Kid Trax Kia Sing-a-Long Soul Car Commercial

As you can see, the Kid Trax Kia Sing-a-Long Soul is annoyingly flashy, loud, and expensive. In other words, you’d better make sure there’s enough room for it underneath your tree.