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RE: Mitsubishi’s “Get There” Advert for the Outlander Sport

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Get There

Hope it’s been a magical summer!

Dear America,

Mitsubishi would really like you to know that the 2015 Outlander Sport is a perfect vehicle for those who pride themselves as edgy people. So perfect for edgy folks is the Outlander Sport that they recruited Cam McCaul and Cam Zink for their current ad campaign. In aforesaid campaign, you can see The Cams driving and riding throughout Virgin, Utah. In the central ad—entitled “Get There”—Zink does an impressive flip over the Outlander Sport, which McCaul has conveniently parked in Zink’s path for an impressive visual. We’ve attached a picture of said visual below.

Get There Ad


In addition to the “Get There” ad, Mitsubishi has also made five behind-the-scenes videos available, including up close and personal looks at how the commercial was shot, the riders who star in the spot, and the Outlander Sport itself. We’ve also attached the appropriate videos.

We hope you’ve had a great summer away at adventure camp, and we look forward to seeing you in the fall. We hope you got the cookies we sent a few months ago. You never wrote us back, so we’re not sure if you just ate them and didn’t take the time to thank us for the batch or if they just got lost in the mail and are festering away in the corner of a truck somewhere.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the ads!


Mister Bishi

P.S. Don’t forget to wash behind your ears