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Ghosn Clarifies Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Reorganization Comments

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Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos GhosnDo you remember last week when Carlos Ghosn was promising to rework the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance by the end of his new leadership term in 2022? Those comments caused quite a stir, with many sites (us included) wondering if that meant two or all three of the automaker members combining into one business. Well, it seems as if Ghosn and his bosses were not too thrilled about that, and the man himself decided to clear the air.

On Friday, Ghosn addressed the shareholders of Mitsubishi Motors and told them explicitly that “Anybody who will ask Nissan and Mitsubishi to become wholly owned subsidiaries of Renault has zero chance of getting a result.”  Later he went on to say that the alliance considers it extremely important for all three automakers to be their own companies while benefiting from shared parts and processes.

In March, Reuters reported that the alliance was considering becoming a tighter partnership and possibly force the French government out of control at Renault. Whatever changes, the alliance’s leadership will have to be careful because the governments of France and Japan are paying attention. Of course France is monitoring things closely because of its stake in Renault, and Japan is watching because Nissan is one of its most prolific companies.

Ghosn’s is clearly focused on reorganizing the Renault-Nissan-Mistubishi Alliance because, at age 64, his retirement is coming sooner rather than later. Considering how long he has been at the top of this powerful partnership, he wants to make sure his legacy is secure for years to come.

News Source: WSAU