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There’s a #GiantLocker in San Fran With a Nissan Rogue Inside

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You may remember a story from the beginning of the year where a giant Amazon box appeared on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin and was later revealed to contain a 2014 Nissan Versa Note.  Nissan and Amazon are teaming up once more for yet another publicity stunt, only they already went ahead and gave away the contents of their #GiantLocker sitting out in the open in Justin Hermann Plaza in San Francisco. Spoilers: it’s a Nissan Rouge.

In this instance, the contents of the #GiantLocker are already known, but the owner is not. That’s because Nissan is encouraging folks to take their picture with the big orange box and post it to Twitter with the #GiantLocker hashtag. Doing so earns a code that will open one of the locker doors and earn a multitude of prizes including gift cards, consoles, Amazon Fire TVs, and Kindles. One code will open the largest door, giving one lucky winner access to the Rogue inside.

The #GiantLocker stunt is a promotion for not just the 2014 Nissan Rouge, but also for the new Amazon Locker program, which will see small lockers installed in 7-Eleven stores located throughout New York City, Seattle, and California. Rather than have an Amazon order sent to your home, products can be delivered to the lockers, where they will be protected by a code until the recipient comes to pick them up.

Here’s hoping that Nissan and Amazon have a little bit more up their sleeve than they let on, and that when the big locker door opens up, a horde of zombies come spilling out and start terrorizing San Francisco. Or someone could just win the Rogue, we suppose. That’s fine too.