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Gift Ideas for Car Lovers – Part 3

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With Christmas just 10 days away, it’s the perfect time to finish your holiday shopping. If the previously-posted gift ideas for car lovers weren’t enough, here are even more suggestions to help you knock out the rest of the names on your give list.

trash organizer

Car organizers like this one from High Road keep all of your gear in one compact place 
Photo: Talus Organizers

Multi-Purpose Organizer

This handy contraption has room for a variety of items like tissues, a water bottle, umbrella, trash, and any other random items that you need on the road. Perfect for the person who tends to have a perpetually messy passenger seat because they lack this useful organizer.


travel utensils

Trio GoBites, the perfect gift to make life simpler for the frequent road tripper or commuter 
Photo: Bubble Gifts

Travel-Friendly Utensils

Whether you’re on the road a lot or a little, eating while on the go can definitely be challenging. These portable, compact utensils are not only sturdy but fit in a compact case for easy storage in a glove compartment or console.


sticky dash mat

Having something sticky in your car can be a good thing…
Photo: ePromos

Sticky Dash Mat

A sticky dash mat just might be the solution that your friend or relative has been craving; especially if they tend to lose items in the nooks and crannies of their vehicle. This handy tool keeps digital devices, keys, wallets, sunglasses, and any other small items intact and within easy reach.


heated seat pad

Keep your loved one cozy this winter by getting them a heated seat pad like this one.
Photo: Wagan Corporation

Heated Seat Pad

A great gift for those who don’t have the built-in luxury of heated seats, this gadget is sure to help your friend or family member stay warm while driving in chilly temperatures.


News Source: Buzzfeed