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GM and Shell Expand Renewable Energy Access for EV Owners

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Close-up of 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV charging port
At-home charging just got a bit sweeter for Bolt EV owners in Texas
Photo: Chevrolet

A new collaboration between General Motors and Shell has positive implications for GM EV owners in Texas and beyond. GM EV owners in Texas now have an extra incentive for charging their vehicles at home: free overnight charging. The partnership also means more access to renewable energy for GM EV owners nationwide.

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Free overnight charging this summer in Texas

Later this summer, eligible owners of GM electric vehicles will be able to tap into the free overnight charging perk, according to a GM press release. That’s great news for current owners of Bolt EV and Bolt EUV models, and something to keep in mind for consumers planning on purchasing a GMC Hummer EV later this year or a Cadilac Lyriq early next year.

The incentive does have a time restriction, shares Green Car Reports’ Stephen Edelstein. To enjoy the free rate, you’ll need to charge your car between midnight and 5 a.m. when the electricity demand is low.

Expanding renewable energy solutions across the US

A gray GM EV1 at a charging station
At-home charging might be more popular soon, with incentives from companies like GM and Shell
Photo: Joe Ross via CC

The new partnership between GM and Shell has a bigger focus than just making at-home charging more affordable for Texas EV owners. According to the GM press release, the companies aim to “provide comprehensive energy solutions programs” to GM owners nationwide. To this end, GM EV owners will soon be able to choose fixed-rate home energy plans powered by renewable energy sources like wind and solar. The energy plans will be available via MP2 Energy LLC, a Shell-owned utility, as Edelstein confirms.

GM chief sustainability officer Kristen Siemen articulates the automaker’s commitment to helping usher in a more sustainable future. “Addressing climate change requires incredible scale,” she said. Shell vice president of Renewables and Energy Solutions, Glenn Wright, also affirmed the new partnership. “We are excited to work with GM to provide options for consumers and businesses focused on their emissions impact,” said Wright.

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