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GM Announces $24 Million Investment for Its Fort Wayne Assembly Plant

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Fort Wayne Assembly Plant
GM’s truck production just received a boost in funding
Photo: GM

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra are among the highest-selling vehicles that General Motors produces. As such, GM is ready to invest even more than ever in these two full-size pickups.

In fact, GM just announced a $24 million investment in the Fort Wayne Assembly Plant where the Silverado and Sierra are assembled.

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That $24 million investment will go towards enhancing the plant’s conveyors and tools to facilitate increased production. Indeed, GM is planning to ramp up production for both truck models, specifically the crew cab variations. The equipment overhaul should be completed sometime this summer.

Since 2015, GM has invested more than $1.2 billion in the Fort Wayne Assembly Plant. That investment has helped increase production capacity at the facility, especially after GM recently introduced the latest iteration of the Sierra and Silverado.

While GM isn’t adding any new jobs to the Fort Wayne location, it already employs 4,230 hourly workers at the plant. The new manufacturing equipment should make it easier to roll out even more Silverado and Sierra vehicles.

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“The team here at Fort Wayne has done an outstanding job helping us satisfy customers throughout this launch,” stated GM CEO Mary Barra. “Our product ramp-up was very smooth and the quality has been exceptional. Crew cab sales have been very strong, and we are expanding customer choice with new models, more cab choices and innovative new powertrains.”

During the first quarter of the year, combined sales for the Silverado and Sierra’s crew cab models were up by 20 percent. With even more Silverado and Sierra trucks set to be produced in Fort Wayne, that sales growth is expected to increase even more during the rest of the year.