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GM Building a New Domestic Facility for Bolt EV Battery Production

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Lithium-ion electric battery pack

GM will be building a lot more batteries in the near future

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Buick would be forced to delay the launch of its Velite EV in China due to an issue with their battery supplier. This incident may have convinced General Motors to expand its domestic battery production.

After all, GM recently announced that additional battery production for the Bolt EV would take place in a new facility in Michigan.

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The announcement came from GM’s CEO Mary Barra. During the same announcement, Barra discussed increasing Bolt EV production in the face of increased sales for the vehicle.

In all, GM will reportedly increase Bolt production by 20 percent. The new battery production facility will certainly assist with this effort.

The new factory will be located in Hazel Park, Michigan. It will be owned by battery supplier LG, who contributes to the creation of the Bolt’s current battery system.

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Furthermore, GM will oversee a $28 million expansion for the battery lab of its Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. This expansion will help bring GM’s battery testing under one roof.

Bolt deliveries overseas will also increase over this time period. Countries like Canada are already demanding more Bolts than GM can supply, so this will help the Bolt gain global traction.

All of this investment and expansion proves that the Chevrolet Bolt is currently one of the world’s most successful electric vehicles. As the EV market grows, GM will need to invest money into the model if it wants to stay ahead of the competition.

News Source: Green Car Reports