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GM China Builds Air Filter System to Save Drivers from Smog

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Auto Sales in China Impact Air Quality

Smog hangs over the Beijing skyline / Photo: Kevin Dooley

Surprise, everyone—China has bad air quality!

Of course, that is not a surprise at all—China has been embroiled in a mad scramble to reduce the amount of air pollution in its cities, as it heavily incentivizes EV manufacturers, raises its fuel quality regulations, and even considers picking up a set of EV regulations like those in place in California.


In the meantime, though, the people are still gagging on pollution, particularly while sitting in traffic, so GM China has decided to act to protect its precious drivers.

Available now on the Cadillac CT6 and Chevrolet Cavalier, GM China has created a comprehensive air quality system, composed of three layers of protection. First, there is a filter to block incoming airborne particles; then, there is an air ionizer in the cabin to help clean the air further; finally, the vehicle provides drivers with real-time information on the level of PM2.5 particles (which are particularly damaging to human lungs) both inside and outside the car.


According to GM China’s testing, air quality inside the vehicle is improved by 80% within five minutes, and is 10 times cleaner by the 10-minute mark.

This is currently a China-only development only available on those two GM-SAIC vehicles. However, GM has said that it plans to take its air filter system on the road to global markets sometime soon.

News Source: GM Authority