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GM China, Safe Kids Worldwide Host Car Seat Installation Workshop in Shanghai

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GM China Safe Kids Worldwide

General Motors China and Safe Kids Worldwide earlier this month teamed up to host a Safe Kids Safe Ride Car Seat Installation Workshop at Yilong Baohong Chevrolet in Shanghai.

The imperative for the workshop stems in part from the 2014 Research Report on Road Traffic Injuries of Children in China, which found that no fewer than 30 families with children in China are involved in traffic collisions every day. It also stems from the fact that automotive collisions are the leading cause of death via preventable injury of children aged 1-9 years, and from a CDC study that finds car seats capable of reducing the risk of death for infants, toddlers, and children up to the age of eight by as much as 71%.

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“Safety has always been a priority for GM,” said Matt Tsien, GM executive vice president and president of GM China. “As more people in China become vehicle owners, it is increasingly important for parents to know how to correctly install car seats and to always use them.”

“We are excited to partner with GM China on child passenger safety to provide families the knowledge as well as techniques they need to travel safely,” said Monica Cui, chief program officer for Safe Kids Worldwide (China). “Our very important research has told us what difficulties parents meet.”

Another leading factor for the workshop was a recently Shanghai traffic regulation that mandates children under the age of four sit in car seats whenever riding in a passenger vehicle.

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