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GM-Costco Promotion Brings GM Customers

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GM-Costco PromotionSometimes, you just need a little help from your friends, which is exactly what General Motors is getting in its partnership with Costco, a members-only warehouse club. A GM-Costco promotion has enticed Costco members to look at GM’s full-size pickup trucks more than ever before, lending a helping hand to the American carmaker whose full-size pickups have been struggling, thanks to Ford and Ram truck incentives.

The promotion, which offers Costco members supplier pricing (plus a nice $500 Costco card), has almost half of Costco members who have bought vehicles through the promotional program switching from other truck brands. So far, the most sought after truck has been the Chevy Silverado, while the GMC Sierra has come in at number four.

With the program running through January 2, it will be interesting to see if GM truck sales continue to improve. Do you think they will? Share your thoughts below!