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GM Files Trademark Application for “Active Tow”

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GM Authority is on fire lately, spotting the latest GM trademark applications. Most recently, the gurus over there landed on an application for “High Desert.” We wondered briefly what the application could mean for the General’s pickup truck lineup, but it was shortly thereafter revealed at SEMA this week. (Hint, it’s the Silverado High Desert Concept.)

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GM Files Trademark Application for “Active Tow”: Silverado High Desert Concept

The Silverado High Desert Concept

Now, GM Authority has pointed out another application. This one is for the term “Active Tow” and applies not to a vehicle but to “computer software and hardware comprising video display panels, video cameras, and electronic controllers incorporated in motor land vehicles, for managing the attachment of the vehicles to trailers, and for automatically adjusting the transmission and brake systems of the vehicles and trailers.”

The “Active Tow” trademark application was filed on October 27th of last month in the Goods and Services category.

While General Motors has not elaborated on what exactly this means for the future of its trailering technology, GM Authority seems pretty convinced that this all but confirms a new trailering attachment and management assistance system. Sounds pretty likely, eh?

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We’ll bring you more information as it is available.

News Source: GM Authority