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GM Introduces OnStar Business Solutions

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Chevrolet Commercial Fleet. OnStar Business Solutions
The 2021 Chevrolet commercial fleet
Photo: Chevrolet

General Motors is now offering OnStar Business Solutions to assist companies with fleet management. This suite combines OnStar Vehicle Insights, OnStar Safety Services, Wi-Fi, and API & Data Services.

The Latest Technologies: An overview of OnStar and Chevrolet connected services

“We created OnStar Business Solutions so our fleet customers can go to one place to learn about all of our products and offerings and choose the option that will best keep them protected, connected, informed and in control,” said Michelle Calloway, director of OnStar Business Solutions.

OnStar Vehicle Insights

This solution makes it easier for drivers and managers to accomplish their daily tasks by giving access to four different features. Vehicle Health displays a car’s oil life, fuel efficiency, and vehicle mileage. It also gives notifications when the car is due for maintenance.

Vehicle Locator shows every fleet vehicle’s location in real time, while Trip Summaries keeps a record of the trip history. In addition, you can get safety alerts and check drivers’ behaviors with Driver Performance.


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Using the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi vehicle hotspot
Photo: General Motors

Up to seven devices can connect to an available 4G LTE Wi-Fi vehicle hotspot. This means that drivers can more easily stay in touch with each other.

OnStar Safety Services

OnStar Safety Services has three available plans to protect drivers on the road. The Safety and Security plan comes with Automatic Crash Response. Plus, specially trained advisors will provide assistance in emergency situations.

The Assurance plan includes Emergency Services, Automatic Crash Response, and Stolen Vehicle Assistance. With the Driver Remote Access plan, drivers can remotely lock and unlock their cars using a mobile app.

API & Data Services

OnStar Business Solutions can work with a variety of fleet management companies and telematic service providers. It supplies companies with accurate data to improve their fleet operations.

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Companies can choose between any of the aforementioned products and services to suit their needs. The price of OnStar Business Solutions varies, depending on the product offerings that a company selects.