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GM Introduces the New OnStar Guardian App

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The OnStar Guardian app
The OnStar Guardian app
Photo: General Motors

General Motors vehicles are available with OnStar, allowing you to connect with operators and receive help on the road. Now, to make it easier for you to access OnStar safety services, the automaker is launching the new OnStar Guardian app.   

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Features of the app

You and up to seven family members can download the OnStar Guardian app onto your compatible mobile devices. By doing so, you can receive assistance, whether you’re driving on the road or sitting at home.

“OnStar Guardian reimagines what it means to have OnStar protection – it’s no longer a technology that is solely tied to the vehicle. This app helps OnStar members and their loved ones be safe out there using the power of OnStar, no matter what vehicle they are in,” said Jeff Haase, head of OnStar Guardian, GM Global Innovation.

The OnStar Guardian app
The OnStar Guardian app
Photo: General Motors

Through the app, you can connect to an OnStar advisor 24/7. Certified by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, this advisor can call 911 as needed and give instructions in medical emergencies.

If you run out of fuel, get a flat tire, lock your keys inside your car, or need a jump, you can request roadside assistance. You and your family can even share your locations with each other in the app. As such, it’s easier to have peace of mind when your family needs to split up or your teen is driving alone.

Furthermore, the app can detect when you crash your car by using your smartphone’s sensors. The app can then alert an Emergency-Certified OnStar advisor so that they can inform first responders of the situation.

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If you are a current OnStar member, you can get the OnStar Guardian app complimentary for six months. All you have to do is redeem the offer by the end of July.