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GM Introduces Ultium Charge 360 Fleet Charging Service

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A person charging their car at a DC fast charging station
Photo: General Motors

General Motors recently launched BrightDrop, which is a business that provides electric vehicles to delivery and logistics companies. Now, GM and BrightDrop are introducing the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service to make it easier for fleet owners to go green.

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What is the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service?    

GM is working with eTransEnergy, In-Charge Energy, EVgo, and Schneider Electric to give you plenty of options for charging EVs. GM is also growing its relationship with Qmerit and EVgo, so you’ll have different home, public, and depot charging solutions. Thanks to these collaborations, you will be able to charge at home as well as at over 60,000 public locations if you have the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service.

This service also includes access to a variety of facility and fleet management tools. These can assist delivery, motor pool, utilities, sales, and more types of fleets. You will accordingly have the tools and solutions necessary to plan and operate, as well as finance, a charging infrastructure on your fleet yard or depot.

If your business also uses BrightDrop, GM Fleet, or OnStar Business Solutions, you will be able to select your preferred provider and customize plans for your electric fleet through Ultium Charge 360. This should help more businesses in the U.S. and Canada make the transition from gas-powered to all-electric fleets.

“Expanding charging infrastructure is a critical part of our work toward an all-electric future and with our preferred providers, we expect to be able to offer our customers charging, software and product solutions that fit their business needs,” said Alex Keros, GM lead architect, EV Infrastructure.

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GM plans to sell 1 million EVs globally by 2025. Offering Ultium Charge 360 solutions to fleets is the automaker’s latest attempt to increase the number of EV buyers. Recently, it also debuted new electric models, like the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, and announced intentions to increase EV and AV spending to $35 billion.