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GM Korea’s Domestic Sales Increase 25.5% in January

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2017 Chevrolet Cruze Korea

General Motors Korea delivered 11,643 vehicles domestically and 35,199 export vehicles in January for total monthly sales of 46,842 vehicles. Domestic sales were up 25.5% year-over-year due in large part to the continued popularity of the Chevrolet Spark, Malibu, and Trax. GM Korea also launched the next-generation Cruze in January.

“Our positive sales in January have enabled us to keep up our success from 2016, which was a record year for GM Korea,” said Dale Sullivan, GM Korea vice president of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing. “This year, GM Korea will continue its positive momentum through the rollout of competitive vehicles, starting with the All-New Cruze in January, and will set new milestones through aggressive marketing activities and outstanding customer service.”

Chevrolet Spark Korea

Domestic sales of the Spark in January totaled 4,328 units, up slightly from January 2016. Sales of the Malibu grew 581.5% year-over-year at 3,564 units, and sales of the Trax grew 162% at 1,436 units. The Spark was the country’s best-selling minicar in 2016, and the Trax and Malibu continue to gain sales momentum from positive consumer and critical response.

GM Korea stands to gain even greater domestic sales increases in February as both the Cruze and Volt will be available to the public. The Cruze, launched in mid-January, features a bold new look that should give it an advantage against other competing compact cars. The efficient Volt was originally brought to Korea for car-sharing purposes in 2016, and its combination of style and substance should serve to make it a popular option amongst eco-conscious customers.

GM Korea delivered domestic sales of 180,275 vehicles in 2016 and export sales of 416,890 vehicles.