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GM Launches Green Dealer Recognition Program

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GM's Green Dealer Recognition program certifies eco-friendly dealerships

GM’s Green Dealer Recognition program certifies eco-friendly dealerships

General Motors has launched a new “Green Dealer Recognition” program that enables eligible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealerships in the US to tout their eco-friendliness. GM created the program to encourage and recognize dealers who have made strides in the areas of energy reduction, water conservation, renewable energy usage, recycling, and/or community outreach.

“Within just 24 hours of the program’s launch, 66 dealerships signed up and began evaluating their performance against our criteria,” said Kurt McNeil, General Motors’ VP of US sales and service. “We think customers should know all the behind-the-scenes efforts our dealerships make to leave a smaller footprint on their communities.”

So far, at least 180 dealerships have requested the performance assessment from GM, eight of which have already received green dealer recognition for “superior sustainability performance.”

According to the dealers, their environmental upgrades are driven by a desire to please eco-conscious customers, reduce their own overhead costs by increasing operational efficiency, motivate employees who take pride in working for a dealer that practices sustainability, and better serve their surrounding communities.

“We were impressed by how willing dealers were to share their accomplishments with their peers,” McNeil said. “They wanted to be listed as a resource for other dealers in evaluating investment and return on various initiatives. When more people begin to operate in a sustainable way, everybody wins.”